Supporting Implementation of Competency-Based Learning in Pinellas County and Lake County, Florida.

The Florida Seminar Series aims to provide a variety of examples of competency-based practices in action in K-12 education to help spark ideas and generate questions as Lake and Pinellas County plan for competency-based learning in their respective settings. There will be a focus on illustrating different ways to personalize learning for students in a competency-based classroom.

Find all the meeting materials and essential guiding documents and resources to support your work.


Michelle Milstein, Senior Associate | Katie Thompson, Senior Associate | Steve Sell, Senior Associate | Don Weafer, Senior Associate | Christina Horner, Senior Associate | Tony Burks, Senior Associate | Mary Hastings, Senior Associate

Guiding Documents and Resources

Great Schools Partnership Webinar Archive: a series of webinars describing many aspects of proficiency-based learning.

Harnessing Teacher Knowledge:  a resource to help schools reflect on and improve efforts for teacher collaboration and professional learning to impact student achievement.

Leadership in Action: a briefing series intended for community engagement, helping educators put “eduspeak” into plain English.

Glossary of Education Reform: a searchable glossary for common terms in educational reform. The glossary’s intended audience is families, community members, and journalists, to help them understand new approaches in education.

Ten Principles of Proficiency-Based Learning: a document which describes the common features found in the most effective proficiency-based systems.

Proficiency-Based Learning Research Evidence: this page provides a selection of statements and references that support the foundational features and practices of proficiency-based learning systems.

Assessment Pathways Simplified: This graphic represents five general learning pathways and how they can be assessed.

Meeting Sessions


Competency-Based Learning Webinar
School in the Spotlight: Alan Shawn Feinstein Middle School

3:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Competency-Based Learning Webinar
Developing Task-Neutral Scoring Criteria
3:30 pm -4:30 pm

In this webinar, we will review the process of developing task-neutral scoring criteria, or rubrics, that can allow for equitable means for demonstrating proficiency within a personalized learning system.  A protocol will be provided, along with specific criteria and examples of task-neutral scoring guides.

Competency-Based Learning in the Secondary Science and Social Studies Classroom
School in the Spotlight: Nokomis Regional High School

3:30 pm -4:30 pm

Competency-Based Learning in the Elementary Classroom
School in the Spotlight: Windham Primary School | Jessica Melcher