Colorado Seminar Series 2015-2016

Here, you can find an archive of the meeting materialswebinars, and essential guiding documents and resources designed to support your work.

Guiding Documents and Resources

Great Schools Partnership Webinar Archive: a series of webinars describing many aspects of proficiency-based learning.

Harnessing Teacher Knowledge:  a resource to help schools reflect on and improve efforts for teacher collaboration and professional learning to impact student achievement.

Leadership in Action: a briefing series intended for community engagement, helping educators put “eduspeak” into plain English.

Glossary of Education Reform: a searchable glossary for common terms in educational reform. The glossary’s intended audience is families, community members, and journalists, to help them understand new approaches in education.

Ten Principles of Proficiency-Based Learning: a document which describes the common features found in the most effective proficiency-based systems.


Meeting Sessions