Colorado Seminar Series 2016-2017

Competency-Based Learning: A Systemic Approach is a seminar series focused on supporting districts in Colorado to implement competency-based learning. Here, you can find all the meeting materials, our webinar archive, and essential guiding documents and resources to support your work.

Click here for the 2015-2016 Colorado Seminar Series Archive.

Guiding Documents and Resources

Great Schools Partnership Webinar Archive: a series of webinars describing many aspects of proficiency-based learning.

Harnessing Teacher Knowledge:  a resource to help schools reflect on and improve efforts for teacher collaboration and professional learning to impact student achievement.

Leadership in Action: a briefing series intended for community engagement, helping educators put “eduspeak” into plain English.

Glossary of Education Reform: a searchable glossary for common terms in educational reform. The glossary’s intended audience is families, community members, and journalists, to help them understand new approaches in education.

Ten Principles of Proficiency-Based Learning: a document which describes the common features found in the most effective proficiency-based systems.


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Meeting Sessions