Mastery-Based Learning Institute: Assessment Practices 

March 31 and April 1, 2016
Sheraton Hartford South, Rocky Hill, CT


  1. Clarify the role of standards and performance indicators in a mastery-based learning system;
  2. Understand the role of task-neutral scoring criteria in determining student’s demonstration of mastery
  3. Develop and/or refine summative assessments, aligned to standards and performance indicators;
  4. Learn specific tools and protocols to assist in developing and tuning assessments;
  5. Understand how both summative and formative assessments drive instructional design; and
  6. Develop a plan for sharing this work with colleagues in school settings


Reed Dyer, Senior Associate

Jean Haeger, Senior Associate


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Mastery-Based Learning Overview

  1. Agenda
  2. Presentation Slides – Day 1
  3. Presentation Slides – Day 2
  4. 10 Principles of Mastery-Based Learning
  5. Global Best Practices
  6. Mastery-Based Learning Simplified
  7. Standards – Units Planning Wheel
  8. Scoring Criteria Design Guide
  9. Scoring Criteria Design Protocol
  10. Mastery-Based Learning Institute: Scoring Criteria (December 2015)

Assessment Tools and Resources

  1. Design Guide for Summative Assessments
  2. Designing Summative Assessment Protocol
  3. Mastery-Based Assessment Tuning Protocol
  4. Assessment Review Rounds Protocol
  5. Assessment Review Rounds Template
  6. Assessment Tuning Feedback Sheet
  7. Assessment Mapping Protocol
  8. Assessment Mapping Template
  9. Instruction Assessment Roles Chart

Other Tools and Resources

  1. Unit Design Considerations
  2. Unit Template
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