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December 11, 2015

In 1998, the Maine Coalition for Excellence in Education (MCEE) established the MCEE Education Leadership Award. In 2010, the award was renamed the Weston L. Bonney Education Leadership Award in honor of longtime MCEE board member Wes Bonney. Wes was President and CEO of Peoples Heritage Bank, is a founding member and former chair of MCEE, and served as a member of the State Board of Education. At the core of his work is an unyielding demand for equity in education. To Wes, all students deserve the resources needed to allow them to succeed in school. Educate Maine continues the annual Leadership Luncheon tradition by honoring an individual, group, organization, or Maine company that demonstrates leadership, commitment and vision in ensuring that all Maine students—regardless of the community in which they live—have access to quality education and opportunity to achieve academic success. Each recipient, past and present, embraces and embodies the qualities that Wes has demonstrated in his work in education.

This year we proudly honor the Great Schools Partnership for their commitment to ensuring that Maine students have an “equitable, rigorous, and personalized education system” that prepares them for “college, career, and global citizenship.” Like Wes Bonney, the Great Schools Partnership has an unwavering belief that children in Maine must have the opportunity to reach their potential.  The Great Schools Partnership team does this every day working in classrooms and in halls of Augusta to provide the services and knowledge Maine needs to maintain an exceptional education system.

In learning that the Great Schools Partnership would receive this year’s award, Wes Bonney stated, “I am aware of the good work David and his associates have done over the years and am proud to have them receive the award. Any individual or organization that helps all Maine kids achieve better education results deserves special recognition.”

We are proud to name the Great Schools Partnership the recipient of the 2015 Weston L. Bonney Education Leadership Award.

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