Decades of research confirm the strong correlation between parent involvement in their child’s education and higher student achievement, the development of social and emotional skills, and stronger college and career readiness. Parental expectations established in the home and their level of school involvement really matters. Yet finding the right formula for successful partnerships between schools, families, and caregivers remains elusive in many districts and schools. In some cases, the audiences we are trying to reach have had negative experiences in their own education, or they may lack the confidence or knowledge needed to assist their children with academic work. How can we, as educators, create inviting programs, policies, and opportunities that will help parents feel comfortable participating in their child’s education?

This webinar will feature practitioners sharing successful strategies, as well as reference resources for engaging parents and families.


Jon Ingram, Senior Associate, Great Schools Partnership
Mark Kostin, Associate Director, Great Schools Partnership
Jan Goldsberry, Curriculum Director, Sanford School Department, ME
Kristen Wiegand, Community Collaboration Coordinator, Sanford School Department, ME

Date: Wednesday, May 7, 2014
Time: 3:00–4:00 p.m. EST

→ Watch the Webinar (streaming video)
Presentation Slides (PDF)
→ Leadership in Action Briefing Series
The Glossary of Education Reform
Partnership for Change Website | Winooski and Burlington, VT
Sanford School Department Vision : Learning for Life
→ Sanford School Department : Our Schools Our Future
→ Sanford School Department : Parent Leadership Training Institute
Sanford Vision Parent-to-Parent Brochure (PDF)

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