Grading with accuracy and consistency is an ever-present challenge for school administrators and educators. Grading has a long history of controversy, which suggests just how much is at stake in this daily practice. That said, the research on effective grading is proportionally rich, although many grading systems remain out of step with what we know works in measuring student learning. Even within a single school, grading practices are often dramatically uneven and contradictory.

This webinar will help participants adopt and use grading practices that are more consistent and coherent, and that are focused on helping all students achieve proficiency and meet high learning expectations. While altering grading systems may require changes in record keeping, assessment practices, software, and report cards, a thoughtfully considered process can help your school transition incrementally and without confusion. The presenters will share a selection of practical strategies from schools that have moved to more authentic and meaningful grading practices, including exemplar guidelines, timelines, policies, communication materials, and anecdotes.

→ Watch the Webinar (streaming video)
→ Presentation Slides (PDF)
→ List of Resources used in our webinar
→ Casco Bay Family Grading Guide
→ Foxcroft Academy Academic Initiative Rubric
→ Bucksport High School Code of Conduct
→ Ellsworth High School Grading Agreements

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