Learning standards provide a detailed outline of the most critical knowledge and skills that students should acquire, but how can educators make sure they are moving students closer and closer to proficiency in the units and lessons they design? And how can teachers engage students in monitoring their own learning progress?

In this webinar, participants will learn how to develop the basic instructional building blocks of a successful proficiency-based curriculum: essential questions and daily learning targets that will not only keep students interested, focused, motivated, but that will also provide the foundation for effective formative assessment. Incorporating principles from Understanding by Design, participants will leave with a practical and efficient process for ensuring that day-to-day lessons and instruction build toward mastery of essential learning standards.

→ Watch the Webinar (streaming video)
→ Presentation Slides (PDF)
→ Defining the Target: A Protocol for Identifying/Distilling Standards + Performance Indicators (PDF)
→ Proficiency-Based Learning Pyramid (PDF)
→ Sample Graduation Standards aligned with the Common Core (PDF)
→ Information about the NESSC High School Redesign in Action Conference

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