Leadership in Action

A New England Secondary School Consortium Resource

Leadership in Action is a series of briefings on some of the most important educational issues affecting today’s students, high schools, and communities. The New England Secondary School Consortium is a state-led partnership working to promote innovative education strategies and policies in Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. As the Consortium’s lead coordinator, the Great Schools Partnership hopes these briefings will help school leaders strengthen their schools, empower their teachers, rebuild their economies, and give every student a better chance to succeed in life.

Each briefing includes a longer companion document, I Want To Know More, that provides a selection of information and resources for education leaders, parents, and community members who want to learn more about the teaching and learning strategies taking place in today’s most innovative high schools.

The briefings are also available on the Leadership in Action website.

Download the Leadership in Action Briefings

What Are Personal Learning Plans?
Personal learning plans can bring greater focus, direction, and purpose to the decisions students make about their high school education.
→ I Want to Know More about personal learning plans

What Is Proficiency-Based Grading?
Proficiency-based grades incentivize students to work harder and learn more because progress and effort are recognized and rewarded.
→ I Want to Know More about proficiency-based grading

How Does Proficiency-Based Learning Work?
Every year, high schools give out thousands of grades, report cards, and diplomas, but students are still unprepared. Can we do better?
I Want to Know More about proficiency-based learning

What Are Learning Standards?
Have you ever wondered what learning standards are, what they are not, how they actually work in schools, and why they matter?
I Want to Know More about learning standards

What Are Professional Learning Communities?
It turns out that we don’t just need more great teachers—we need strong communities of teachers working together to help all students succeed.
I Want To Know More about professional learning communities

What Do Today’s Students Need to Know?
Every day, the world is growing more complex and demanding. Today’s students need new skills that will equip them for success in the global economy.
I Want To Know More about what students need to know

How Do Today’s Student Learn?
Science has given us new insights into brain development and our best school leaders and teachers are showing us how to engage and inspire.
I Want To Know More about how today’s students learn

What Can the World’s Best Schools Teach Us?
National borders no longer define the knowledge and skills needed for success. Lessons from other countries are helping us more effectively prepare our students.
I Want To Know More about what the world’s best schools can teach us

What Should A 21st Century High School Look Like?
Textbooks, chalkboards, and desks were the hallmarks of 20th century schooling. Today’s best schools are borderless community learning centers.
I Want To Know More about 21st century high schools

What Is a Proficiency-Based Diploma?
Some students leave high school knowing calculus, while others struggle with basic math. How can we make sure every student graduates prepared?
I Want To Know More about proficiency-based diplomas

What Are Personalized Learning Pathways?
Internships, technical programs, college courses, hands-on science, accelerated study—a new generation of high schools is redefining the high school experience.
I Want To Know More about personalized learning pathways

Education, Prosperity, and Economic Competitiveness
Across countries and time periods, education has been a universal gateway to greater prosperity, a stronger economy, and a better quality of life.
I Want To Know More about education and the economy