In January 2016, the New England Board of Higher Education and the New England Secondary School Consortium convened a meeting of admissions leaders from highly selective New England colleges and universities for a discussion about how they evaluate proficiency-based high school transcripts.

In the report “How Selective Colleges and Universities Evaluate Proficiency-Based High School Transcripts: Insights for Students and Schools,” which was recently published in the New England Journal of Higher Education, authors Erika Blauth and Sarah Hadjian share insights and key takeaways from the convening, as well as suggested next steps for schools graduating students in a proficiency-based system.

“Overwhelmingly,” write Blauth and Hadjian, “these admissions leaders indicate that students with proficiency-based transcripts will not be disadvantaged in the highly selective admissions process. Moreover, according to some admissions leaders, features of the proficiency-based transcript model shared with the group provide important information for institutions seeking not just high-performing academics, but engaged, lifelong learners.”

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