In this presentation, participants will learn a variety of effective communication strategies that will work in any school or situation, including the construction of a compelling narrative, the power of specific examples, and the use of language that speaks to the core values of parents and community members. The presenter will also provide a brief introduction to the Glossary of Education Reform, a new online resource created by the Great Schools Partnership, and discuss how the glossary—which features more than 450 terms and 120 in-depth entries on a wide variety of educational topics—can help participants improve understanding of complex school-improvement concepts in their communities.

Stephen Abbott, Director of Communications, Great Schools Partnership, and Editor of the Glossary of Education Reform

→ Watch the Webinar (streaming video)
→ Presentation Slides (PDF)
→ The Glossary of Education Reform
→ FrameWorks Institute Education Core Story
→ FrameWorks Institute Talking About Education Reform

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