Strengthening school-wide instructional quality is perhaps the most critical—yet often the most elusive—goal for schools when they make the decision to improve. For this reason, teacher evaluation is often the target of reform, and many states, districts, and schools are working to develop new and more useful evaluation systems. Yet one of the most obvious and critical sources of information is often left out of the equation—feedback from students—despite the fact that research has shown that frequent feedback from students is one of the surest ways to help teachers strengthen their instruction. This webinar will provide an overview of national findings from the Measures of Effective Teaching project, as well as strategies for incorporating student feedback as one of multiple measures of instructional effectiveness. The presenters will also share the experiences of several schools that have been using a new tool developed by the Great Schools Partnership—iWalkthrough Student Feedback—to consistently, efficiently, and reliably collect and act upon student-feedback data.

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