The GSP Monthly Dispatch – November 2020

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Welcome to the inaugural issue of The GSP Monthly Dispatch. As the name suggests, this is a monthly roundup of upcoming Great Schools Partnership events, as well as fresh and insightful writing from our school coaches. You will find blogs on everything from educational equity to multiple pathways, free tools and resources your school community can utilize to make change, key data and figures from our yearly data report, and so much more. Keep an eye on your mailbox; we’ll drop an issue every month!

In this month’s issue, you will find:

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Discovery sessions are virtual opportunities to discover and explore topics or issues that are important to you, your school, or your community. All individuals are welcome to participate.

Join us for our first discovery session, Exploring Racial Equity: Leaning & Learning. We will lean into our own racial identities and learn about race and racism in America. We will hold an interactive session for participants to understand how and why we got here, examine some of the inequities that exist in participants’ school communities, and reflect on implications for changing current practices.

Date: Wednesday, December 2, 2020
Time: 1:00-4:00 p.m. EST
Where: Virtual
Cost: $125/person

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Visit our event calendar for a full list of upcoming events.

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Leaving a Legacy by Teaching With Grace

There is no profession or vocation more noble, more powerful, or of greater influence than teaching. With great power comes great responsibility: We must teach with grace.

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Multiple Pathways: How Schools Ensure Doors to Opportunity Stay Open

In schools across the country, creative teachers are working with imagination and resourcefulness to ensure that while the shutdown has closed many doors, it cannot close all of them.

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Implementing Pathways in Your School Community: Ideas and Resources

If you would like to initiate or refine a pathway program in your school, the following compilation of resources provides several entry points.

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Creating Equitable Pathways to Ensure Civic Engagement and College and Career Readiness for All Students

When all students, but in particular our students who have been most underserved, are guaranteed to graduate with skills that transfer across disciplines, experiences and credentials that qualify them for employment in well-paying careers, and the ability to take in and critically examine the vast quantities of competing information available in today’s social and political environment, the American promises of social mobility, liberty, and self-actualization may be realized.

To achieve this, we must create equitable pathways for all students. Read the report to get role-specific strategies and resources to implement pathways in your context.

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Below you will find key data points from our upcoming New England Secondary School Consortium Common Data Project Annual Report; our 2020 edition will be published on December 15, 2020. Can’t wait until then? Check out last year’s edition.

As a region, we continue to make progress. Here are the regional averages for three important rates from our upcoming 2020 annual report:

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