Case Studies

We know that school and district improvement aren’t finish lines you cross; both are a continuous process of exploring, learning, and implementing change. We hope the case studies below will demonstrate that, though this work is challenging, it’s also possible; additionally, we hope these case studies will help you visualize what the work actually looks like in action.

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This section is a work-in-progress. We plan to regularly add case studies covering a wide range of schools engaged in a wide range of improvement efforts.

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Shifting Mindsets and Increasing Family Engagement in New Bedford Public Schools

With an ongoing influx of diverse families, leaders of New Bedford Public Schools knew they faced significant challenges—and opportunities—to build stronger home and school connections to improve student outcomes . . .

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Student Voice and Community Engagement in Lowell Public Schools

In such a diverse and dynamic community, whose voices have power and whose are diminished? And how can the student body provide more input into the decision-making process?

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