Leading With Data: Building a Vision for More Equitable Schools

This session is designed for school or district leadership teams who are interested in using data to inform and drive action planning. The day’s session will be framed around three essential questions: Where are we now? Where are we going How do we get there?Participants will review existing data sources, as well as brainstorm potential new data to collect, which can help inform their school or district goals and action plans.

In the first part of this workshop, participants will learn about and workshop a process for identifying and unpacking school or district data, understanding and analyzing patterns in the data, and developing a plan for improvement based on the data analysis. Teams will work together to examine data from their own schools or districts, discuss patterns in student performance, and engage in collaborative visioning and strategic planning. Data will serve as a foundation for teams as they work together to identify areas for improvement and goals for the future, craft an action plan, and develop a plan for monitoring progress.

This event is designed for district or school leadership teams of 3-7 people. Teams may include principals and assistant principals, department heads, special education coordinators, curriculum coordinators, teacher leaders, superintendents, district staff, or any other individuals who may be involved in school or district visioning and strategic planning.


At the Great Schools Partnership, our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to make progress in your school, district, or community. As a participant, you will:


Leading With Data
Welcome and review agenda
Why data matters
Uncovering Hidden Inequities: The power of data disaggregation
Reflection: Where are we now?
Unpacking and Understanding Our Data: A data analysis process
Goal Setting: Where do we want to go?
Action Planning: How do we get there?

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