Teaching and Assessing Transferable Skills

Teaching and assessing transferable skills is key to ensuring equitable outcomes for all students and preparing them for their futures. Transferable skills refer to a broad set of knowledge and skills that are believed to be critically important to success in both post-secondary education and careers. As schools have expanded their commitments to transferable skills, they have learned how they can be applied in all academic subject areas and in all educational, civic, and career settings throughout a student’s life. 

In this workshop, participants will gain an understanding of how teaching and assessing transferable skills can fit into the framework of equitable schools. With numerous examples from individual classrooms, interdisciplinary projects, independent work, and learning outside of the school walls, participants will learn how to develop an effective system for their context.


At the Great Schools Partnership, our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to make progress in your school, district, or community. In this workshop, we will:


Teaching and Assessing Transferable Skills
Welcome, connections, and review agenda
Why are transferable skills important?
How does your school define transferable skills?
When and how do students learn and practice transferable skills?
How do transferable skills become fully integrated into a student’s school experience?
Team reflection and planning
Feedback and closing

Discover the Transferable Skills

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