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Mar 16

Orleans Central Supervisory Union Professional Learning Day

The mission of OCSU is to ensure that all students have choices for success throughout their lives. To help us achieve this mission, the district has crafted a strategic plan that will enable us to realize this mission by focusing on the developing clear and consistent expectations for all learners, building positive and supportive learning environments, and creating conditions for trusting relationships between school and community.

​One of the identified levers for progress is ​in the implementation of proficiency-based learning. PBL is a suite of best practices richly woven together to enable the transfer of learning within supportive and trusting communities for each and every child. 

Our professional learning, as a district, will support the design and implementation of a cohesive, comprehensive proficiency-based learning system. Today’s learning will lead to the following outcomes:

  • I can articulate how and why proficiency-based education leads to equity
  • I can apply elements (learning targets, assessments, personalization, etc.) of proficiency-based learning into my classroom practice.

As Great Schools Partnership moves through the year with you, you can find meeting materials, essential guiding documents and resources to support your work. 


Nicole Bradeen, Senior Associate
Angela Hardy, Director of Coaching

Guiding Documents + Resources

Guiding Documents and Resources

2017/2018 Meeting Materials

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