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Discovery Session—Grading for Educational Equity

Decorative header image with the title of the eventIn order to be effective and equitable, a grading and reporting system must communicate clear information to students, educators, and parents about the skills a student has mastered and the areas where they need support or more practice. However, discussions about grading systems can be highly contentious, emotionally charged, and weighed down with baggage that educators and parents all carry from their own school experiences. In this session, we will outline central tenets that should guide schools’ efforts to examine their grading systems. We will also explore sample policies and grading guidelines from schools that have used these tenets to successfully re-design the systems they use to score student work and report student grades in an effort to lead to more equitable outcomes.

Participant Outcomes

At the Great Schools Partnership, our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to make progress in your school, district, or community. As a participant, you will:

  1. Reflect on current practices and experiences with grading and reporting.

  2. Deepen your understanding of the tenets that move a school toward more equitable grading practices.

  3. Develop a plan for increasing equitable grading and reporting practices in your school.

Intended For

Educators and school leaders looking to examine and improve the current grading practices in their schools.


This is an interactive, 3-hour event that will take place virtually over Zoom. We will not be recording the session.

What’s Included

A slide deck of the presentation, links to resources and tools, and a contact hour certificate. 


Emily Gilmore, Senior Associate
Don Weafer, Senior Associate


$150 per person. Registration is now closed. 

For More Information

Email events@greatschoolspartnership.org


Dec 07 2021


1:00 pm - 4:00 pm




Online Zoom Meeting
Emily Gilmore & Don Weafer


Emily Gilmore & Don Weafer