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Learning and Planning for Educational Equity

Online Training

August 4-August 6, 2020

In these unprecedented times, our schools and communities face persistent inequities that are more urgent than ever. As educators, we must come together to create learning environments that not only meet the unique needs of our time, but also ensure just outcomes for all students, raise marginalized voices, and challenge the imbalance of power and privilege.

We invite you to take a step toward real change by registering your school, district, or community team for three days of learning and planning for educational equity. We will hold a virtual space for participants to understand how and why we got here, examine some of the inequities that exist in participants’ school communities, explore helpful resources and tools, and begin to develop promising next steps.

A better, more equitable education awaits.

This event is designed for teams of 4-5 people. Teams may comprise administrators, teachers, community members, and those with access to and understanding of school or district data. Individuals may also register, but will have to join another school’s team for the second and third days.

Your Facilitators

Over the past ten years, Great Schools Partnership has worked with teams from hundreds of schools from across New England and the nation to engage in Action Planning for Equity. Our team brings a variety of areas of expertise: Coaches Glennys Sanchez and Kate Gardoqui and Director of Research and Evaluation Hayley Didriksen have helped many schools and districts engage with their communities, look closely at their data, identify areas of inequity and make plans for future improvement.

You can read more about Glennys, Kate, and Hayley here.

Meeting Dates & Training Times

Day 1:  August 4, 2020  | 9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Day 2: August 5, 2020  | 9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Day 3: August 6, 2020  | 9:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

At the Great Schools Partnership, our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to make progress in your school, district, or community. As a participant, you will come away with:

  1. A better understanding of how your experiences, perspectives, and identity impact how you learn and engage with others.

  2. Increased capacity to reflect on and engage in difficult conversations about educational equity.

  3. The ability to examine data to identify specific inequities that exist within your school, district, or community.

  4. Strategies and resources that will enable you to work toward achieving just outcomes for each student, raising marginalized voices, and challenging the imbalance of power and privilege within your context.


Day 1: Defining Educational Equity 
Our first day will focus on one essential question: What does educational equity look and feel like? 

  • Setting the stage
  • Building community
  • Holding space for people to think about their own understanding of equity
  • Reviewing GSP’s definition of educational equity
  • Exploring the ways in which privilege and bias have shaped our educational system and the experiences of members of our school communities
  • Reflections

Day 2: Uncovering and Examining Inequities
Our second day will focus on another essential question: Where do inequities exist within our communities? We have to see inequities before we can correct them!
We will examine and analyze school-specific data in order to uncover problems that need to be addressed. The day will include:

  • Looking at inequity through a systemic lens
  • Zooming into our local contexts
  • Using data to help us identify and understand inequity
  • Identifying an equity challenge each team would like to address

Day 3: Next Steps and Action Planning
Our third day will focus on our last essential question: How do we actually make change and take it back to our schools or communities? What are the next steps we are going to take in order to implement the changes we want to see? School teams will work together to create specific action plans for the coming school year. The day will include:

  • Unpacking and understanding our equity challenges
  • Examining possible strategies and solutions
  • Drafting action plans


The cost of this training is $350 per person.  

This event is designed for teams.

Your registration fee includes: 

    1. Direct support from a Great Schools Partnership coach

    2. Participation in all sessions

    3. All resources and materials

Cancellation Policy

If you cannot attend the event you may transfer your registration to another attendee without penalty at any time or request a refund. All refund requests for cancellations will be refunded based on the following scale. 

  • On or before 0-14 days prior to the event: no refund.

  • Between 15-30 days prior to the event:  50% refunded

  • More than 30 days prior to the event: 75% refunded 

Emergency Refunds may be granted if an attendee is unable to attend due to the death of an immediate family member, hospitalization, or other extraordinary circumstance and will be subject to a 10% processing fee. All emergency refund requests must be received no later than two weeks after the event conclusion.

All cancellations and requests for transfer must be sent in writing via email.

Register Now!

Have Questions?

Contact our team at events@greatschoolspartnership.org or 207-773-0505.

If you are interested in discussing ongoing support for trained PLG facilitators throughout the school year please contact our associate director, Mark Kostin.



Aug 04 2020 - Aug 06 2020


9:00 am - 12:30 pm

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