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Implementation of Proficiency-Based Learning in Pinellas County, Florida

The Florida Seminar Series aims to provide a variety of examples of proficiency-based practices in action in K-12 education to help spark ideas and generate questions as Pinellas County plans for proficiency-based learning in their district. There will be a focus on illustrating different ways to personalize learning for students in a proficiency-based classroom.

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Katie Thompson, Senior Associate
Craig Kesselheim, Senior Associate
Michelle Milstein, Senior Associate
Steve Sell, Senior Associate

Guiding Documents and Resources

Webinar | Proficiency-Based Learning 101


Task Neutral Scoring Criteria

School-Based Resources

Clearwater High School

Meadowlawn Middle School

Osceola Fundamental High School

Pinellas Park High School

Seminole High School

2017/2018 Meeting Sessions

2017/2018 Webinars

September 13 | Personalized, Competency-Based Learning

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