Spanish Language Resources

Here you will find detailed guidance in Spanish on developing a proficiency-based system of education—a system that will prepare all students for success in the colleges, careers, and communities of the 21st century. Our model is focused on prioritizing and assessing the most important knowledge and skills, while also balancing high academic expectations with the need for flexibility, responsiveness, and creativity in the classroom.

At the Great Schools Partnership, we strive to keep our guidance concise and practical, focusing only on the most essential policies, processes, and practices. In addition, we see our model as an iterative process, and we intend to revise, improve, and expand our resources over time.

Please note: This section will continue to grow as the Great Schools Partnership works to translate additional resources.

About Proficiency-Based Learning
Need help prioritizing learning goals and building a more coherent academic program based on proficiency? The two foundational tools below highlight key considerations and illustrate how a proficiency-based model works in practice.

Assessment and Verification
Proficiency-based systems should ensure that students acquire the most essential knowledge and skills they will need to succeed in school, higher education, the modern workplace, and adult life. Therefore, systems of assessment and verification should prioritize enduring knowledge and skills.

In this section, you will find guidance on what to assess, how to assess it, and how to verify and report student proficiency in relation to standards.