Proficiency-Based Learning Simplified: Developing Effective Graduation Standards and Performance Indicators

Webinar Date: February 5, 2013

Presenters: Mark Kostin, associate director + Alex MacPhail, senior associate

The sheer number of standards is the biggest impediment to implementing standards,” Robert Marzano concluded in a study of state and national standards. While the Common Core State Standards have provided more clarity and guidance for educators than ever before, school leaders and teachers still need to make critical decisions about what standards to prioritize and how to assess student learning growth and proficiency.  In this webinar, participants will learn about the fundamental components of an effective proficiency-based teaching and learning system. Because in a proficiency-based classroom, teachers target standards as their instructional foci, participants will also learn how to identify graduation standards—those skills and concepts that are at the heart of a discipline—as well as the performance indicators students must achieve to demonstrate proficiency of those graduation standards.

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