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The instructional quality students receive every day is the single most powerful influence on educational achievement, aspirations, and attainment that is within a school’s control. And yet schools have almost no data on the day-to-day interactions that take place between teachers and students in the classroom.

That’s why we created iWalkthrough.


Start improving instruction today

Developed to help educators continually improve instructional quality, iWalkthrough is a collaborative, technology-driven system for collecting and analyzing data on school-wide instructional quality that is opening new frontiers in data-informed self-analysis and professional development for schools. Although the process is simple, the system provides a wealth of information that has never before been available to educators, helping them strengthen instruction, shape school-improvement strategies, and design more effective lessons and programs. When analyzed alongside student data on performance and outcomes, iWalkthrough helps schools develop a coherent vision for instructional improvement that is based on a common understanding of student learning needs—a process that can energize and inspire faculties.

A Suite of Three Tools

  • Action Planning – Create and share a comprehensive action plan for improving student learning
  • Classroom Observation – Collect, analyze, and share classroom-observation data collected by administrators and teachers
  • Student Feedback – Collect and share actionable feedback from students about a teacher’s classroom practice

Why iWalkthrough?

  • Capture high-impact teaching and learning characteristics
  • Uncover patterns of teaching practice in a school or district
  • Determine student engagement across grades, courses, and subjects
  • Measure instructional rigor using Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Track individual and school progress over time
  • Enhance supervision and evaluation systems

How iWalkthrough Works

  • Collect detailed information on instruction quickly and reliably

  • Analyze thousands of potential report configurations

  • Compare data with observations collected in schools across the country

  • Target professional development where it’s needed most

  • Strengthen instructional quality and design more effective lessons

  • Improve student achievement, aspirations, and attainment

iWalkthrough Technology

iWalkthrough is engineered for compatibility, expandability, and sustainability

  • Unlimited individual accounts for administrators, teachers, and staff
  • Works on all major smartphones, tablets, netbooks, and browsers
  • Apps available for Apple, Android, and Amazon
  • Customized school dashboard with detailed summaries at a glance
  • Record observations in both wireless and non-wireless environments
  • Cloud-based platform is compatible with both Macs and PCs

Learn more: iwalkthrough.org

iWalkthrough is a product of the Great Schools Partnership, a mission-driven nonprofit organization committed to developing practical, cost-effective school-improvement resources for educators.