Great Schools Partnership

How We Work

To undertake our mission, we deliberately work to achieve our ends and build our collective capacity—both of GSP staff and our colleagues. Our work with schools, local education agencies, state education agencies, and community members mirrors how we work together with each other. Our norms define this effort:

Strive for Our Vision:  Our vision of an equitable, rigorous, and personalized education system guides our work together and our work in schools, helping us prioritize as we strive to address inequity. Our ambitious vision requires us to believe in possibility, seek inspiration, develop our knowledge and skills, and push ourselves and others.

Build Trust:  The relationships we develop with one another and our colleagues drive and determine the success of our work. To build and maintain trust, we intentionally invest in interpersonal relationships, maintain confidentiality, commit to transparency in communication and decision-making, and give time, thought, and consideration to new ideas and different perspectives before passing judgment.

Collaborate Purposefully:  Our best work is done collaboratively when each of us can participate, contribute positively, and own the results. Authentic collaboration requires us to cultivate self-awareness and empathy, maintain an inquiring mindset, respect one another, and balance structure and flexibility to meet the needs of the group or situation.

Foster Growth:  To continually grow and learn, we must take risks as individuals and as an organization. As we set goals and work intentionally toward them, we understand that true growth requires practice, feedback, and reflection. And as we seek to surface and acknowledge bias within and among us to deepen our learning, we will create a supportive culture that allows each of us to speak our truth, experience discomfort, and accept non-closure.

Seek Balance:  Our work is complex, challenging, and fast-paced. We recognize that each of us is more than our work, and we offer assistance to colleagues and respect each other’s time. We support one another and encourage balance by making intentional connections and maintaining a sense of humor.