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At the Great Schools Partnership, we know that teachers are some of the most industrious, creative, dedicated, and caring professionals. They experience inequities firsthand and, as a result, routinely work longer hours, explore new learning resources, and dedicate their lives to improving learning for all students. But systemic inequities require systemic solutions.

We are here to help. Our resources, tools, and coaching strategies have enabled more than 100 schools across the U.S. to implement a proficiency-based system of education, to reimagine their community engagement policies, to teach transferable skills, and so much more. Why do we do it? Because we believe every school can and should achieve an equitable, rigorous, and personalized education system that prepares all students for college, careers, and global citizenship.

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We know that school and district improvement aren’t finish lines you cross; both are a continuous process of exploring, learning, and implementing change. We hope the case studies below will demonstrate that, though this work is challenging, it’s also possible; additionally, we hope these case studies will help you visualize what the work actually looks like in action.

As partners in this most important work, we pledge to learn who you are and hear what your specific school community needs. Together, we can improve learning for all your students. Learn how by clicking the button below.

What Have to Say

We can think of no honor greater than sharing what our partner schools, districts, and communities have to say about us. You can read excerpts below or view our complete list of testimonials.

“I have to say that the support [our coach] and others [at the Great Schools Partnership] have provided my department and the Holyoke Public Schools as a whole has been extraordinary, patient, and thorough.”
José Bou, Holyoke Public Schools
Equity, Family, and Community Partnerships Manager
“[Our coaches] have been great blessings to the Dover School District. I believe they have had a significant impact on many educators in our schools. It is my hope we can find a means to continue the work.”
William Harbron, Dover Public Schools
“[Our coach] has been amazing with educators, school leaders, support staff, parents, and families with whom he has interacted. He is captivating, motivating, and makes connections that leave lasting impressions.”
Denise Snyder, Lawrence Public Schools
Assistant Superintendent

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Personalized, equitable, and student-centered education is too important to put aside; together, we can improve learning for all your students.

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