Teaching & Learning

Teaching and learning are at the core of many school or district improvement plans. How do we help? By building educator capacity and providing support in curriculum, assessment, and elements of effective instruction, which leads to rigorous, engaging, and personalized learning for all students. Our strategies include:

The Elements of Effective Instruction

The Elements of Effective Instruction framework outlines five intertwined elements of instructional practice that complement and enhance one another. When integrated into learning experiences, these elements foster student engagement with the ultimate goal of improving student outcomes and achievement. The framework is grounded in the understanding that students are more interested and invested in their learning when they feel safe in their learning environment, understand what they are learning and why it matters, have opportunities to practice, receive clear feedback on their work, and engage in complex, meaningful thinking.
Elements of effective instruction

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Personalized, equitable, and student-centered education is too important to put aside; together, we can improve learning for all your students.

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