Professional Learning Groups

Professional learning groups (PLGs) are cohorts of participants who meet regularly to learn from research, share dilemmas, examine work, and push and challenge each other. Over the years, we have seen the power of PLGs to effect meaningful and lasting change in schools. Virtual PLGs give participants the opportunity to learn and grow with others who work in different schools and communities while helping to keep us healthy and safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. Below, you will find resources your school community can use to better understand the purpose of PLGs and to implement them in your specific context.


PLGs: Definition and Rationale

To implement an effective professional learning group in any context, we first need to understand what they are and what purposes they serve.

Implementation Guidance

Whether a school is just launching PLGs or working to increase their impact, this document is designed to help educators maximize their success.

Questions and Prompts for PLG Planning

These questions and prompts can be used by school leaders, PLG facilitators, and PLG teams to hone their practices and proactively plan for more effective work

Engaging in Inquiry and Action

Learn about the different categories of work educators typically do in professional learning groups (PLGs), and how these categories are related.


The offerings below are one-day virtual or onsite learning for a single school, district, or community. Think of these as opportunities to discover and explore topics or issues that are important to your school community. Then start planning for change. Our school and equitable community engagement coaches stand ready to pick up where these offerings leave off. Together, we can improve learning for all students.

Introduction to Creating and Facilitating PLGs

Professional learning groups (PLGs) provide dedicated and supported time during which educators can evaluate student work, tune assessments and plans, and engage in constructive dialogue with peer educators.

This training session introduces school leaders and facilitators to PLG essentials, provides opportunities for active engagement and practice, and offers a framework for effective implementation in any context.


Facilitating Effective PLGs

The usefulness and impact of a professional learning group (PLG) depends on the ability of the facilitator to engage all participants, foster risk-taking and vulnerability, and maintain focus on improving teaching and learning practices that benefit all students.

Participants will share facilitation successes and challenges and use those experiences to practice, reflect on, and develop their own skills as facilitators of PLGs. Participants will leave with a set of strategies to support effective facilitation and a vision for improving PLGs.


PLGs: From Implementation to Impact

In this session, we will outline essential considerations that can guide successful professional learning group (PLG) implementation and share key tools to use right away to improve PLGs.

Participants will explore tools and strategies to assess the effectiveness of individual professional learning groups (PLGs) as well as their school-wide impact, and create a plan of action to use PLGs to move toward greater educational equity.


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