The reports below are authored by members of two New England Secondary School Consortium task forces: the Task Force on Diversifying the Educator Workforce; and the Task Force on Flexible and Multiple Pathways. The NESSC Leads commissioned these task forces, whose recommendations emerged over the course of meetings taking place during 2019 and 2020. While each participating NESSC state education agency is committed to equitable pathways and diversifying the educator workforce, the recommendations included in these reports do not necessarily mean that they have the formal endorsement of the participating agencies.

Increasing the Racial, Ethnic, and Linguistic Diversity of the Educator Workforce

A racially, ethnically, and linguistically diverse educator workforce is vital to closing the inequitable gaps that persist between students of color and their White peers. Get the strategies and resources you need to make change in your community.

Creating Equitable Pathways to Ensure Civic Engagement and College and Career Readiness for All Students

Learn how equitable pathways can help all students graduate with skills that transfer across disciplines, experiences that qualify them for employment in well-paying careers, and the ability to critically examine today’s social and political environment.

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