Equitable Community Engagement

Equitable community engagement—an ongoing, two-way process of building relationships, working collaboratively to support all students, and sharing power—can result in transformative benefits for schools and their school communities. To help guide educators, families, students, and other members of a school community toward a more equitable system of community engagement, the Great Schools Partnership created the resources below. They are based on our experience supporting school communities working collaboratively for more equitable, rigorous, and personalized education systems that prepare every student for college, careers, and global citizenship.

For additional tools on the subject of educational equity—including indicators of educational equity, as well as our equity pulse check—please visit our educational equity toolkit.

Resources for Your

The Foundations of Equitable Community Engagement

In addition to research and foundational reading, this resource details the eight principles upon which this toolkit is based.

The Case for Community Engagement

Discover the many benefits of equitable community engagement. Also, learn what it really means to “share power.”

Community Engagement: Moving Toward Equity

Learn the difference between providing information, encouraging engagement, and sharing power. Plus, get examples of each.

Do Less, Do More: Strategies for Equitable Community Engagement

Replace defaults with more inclusive and reflective patterns and practices by making these low-cost, high-impact changes.

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