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Designing and implementing an equitable system of education requires context-based and comprehensive solutions that change our beliefs, our culture, and our actions. Over the past 12 years, the Great Schools Partnership has helped hundreds of urban, rural, and suburban schools and districts across the country engage in these improvement efforts.

Together, we can redesign public education and improve learning for all students.

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Our team of senior associates serve as school coaches, who work to build capacity and help educators address inequity and improved learning for all students. We utilize Global Best Practices, a research-based self-assessment tool, as a framework to inform school improvement strategies. Our coaches begin by gaining an understanding of your system, taking into consideration existing teaching and learning practices, organizational design, leadership capacity, and patterns of stakeholder engagement.

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No single teacher, administrator, school, district, or community organization can effect the systemic change needed to realize these outcomes if they are working in isolation. And so we gather. We are at our strongest and smartest when we share our learning and challenge ourselves and each other to continuously improve our policies, practices, and community engagement.

Share in the collective knowledge and experience of educators (including GSP staff and school coaches) by attending a range of events, both in-person and virtually. As an engaged participant, you will:

Our participants include:

As an individual participant, you will get new ideas that can be implemented immediately in your specific context, as well as the long-term plans needed to sustain the work over time. As an individual participant, you should also expect to grow your personal and professional networks of educators and education stakeholders. This will provide opportunities for you to collaborate, exchange resources, and connect with others who are just as committed to educational equity as you.

Like the districts in which they operate, individual schools can best actualize the outcomes of network participation by ensuring a range of representative staff participate in events and collaborate on their learnings and next steps. Through coordinated participation at the school level, staff will be able to network with and beyond each other, providing collaborative learning opportunities that will accelerate school-wide improvement efforts. Additionally, Discovery Sessions can be contracted at the school level, providing in-house professional development at a time and in a format that most benefits your school.

Our network can benefit districts with a strong commitment to educational equity by providing collaborative learning opportunities that will accelerate both school-specific and district-wide improvement efforts. District leaders are encouraged to ensure representative stakeholders from across your system (district personnel, school leaders, teachers, and community liaisons) participate regularly in events, ideally as teams, and reflect and action plan following such opportunities to move from intent to action. Districts can also contract with GSP to provide personalized Discovery Sessions at the district level, providing in-house professional development at a time and in a format that most benefits your staff.

Network activities provide a unique opportunity for both individuals and organizations that support, challenge, and work with schools to engage with educators in the work of school reform. If you or your organization has a stake in education and strives for educational equity, we invite you to engage with us.


Our coaches are former teachers, principals, and district leaders with years of in-school experience. And we know how different every school and district can be. That is why we tailor our strategies to the needs of your unique school community—no matter where you are in the U.S. Our responsive, adaptable coaching model lends itself to both in-person and remote school coaching, which means we’re never far away.  

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Personalized, equitable, and student-centered education is too important to put aside; together, we can improve learning for all your students.

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