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Redesigning a learning system requires context-based, local, and comprehensive solutions that change our beliefs, our culture, and our actions. Over the past 12 years, the Great Schools Partnership has helped schools and districts across New England and the country engage in this conversation. Our staff have helped educators review their data, explore strategies, collaborate with their communities, engage in professional learning and planning, and redesign the structure and culture of their schools. Our years of experience as teachers and administrators enable us to understand the reality of teaching and support implementation of research-based best practices.

No matter where your school or district is on your improvement journey, we are here to help. Learn more about our stepping stones or the essential components of our collaborative work:


GSP coaches work to build capacity and help educators address inequity and improved learning for all students. We utilize Global Best Practices, a research-based self-assessment tool, as a framework to inform school improvement strategies. Our coaches begin by gaining an understanding of your system, taking into consideration existing teaching and learning practices, organizational design, leadership capacity, and patterns of stakeholder engagement.

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Good practice should inform policy and good policy can catalyze, compel, scale, and sustain good practice. Our coaches work with schools and districts to help you understand the implications of state and federal policies. We will work with you as you seek to engage your board in productive ways. And we will help identify areas in local policies and procedures that should be revisited in order to ensure that the important improvement efforts you are leading will continue to result in learning benefits for all your students.​

Our coaching aims to build the capacity of educators to sustain the work they are doing in their classrooms, schools, and districts to ensure educational equity for all students. Providing learning that is rigorous, personalized, and grounded in a clear set of learning outcomes will lead to graduates being ready for success in college, careers, and life after high school. Our coaches are highly skilled at supporting adult learners and take great care to tailor workshops, facilitate meetings, and provide feedback with the unique context of their setting in mind. We work with you to identify improvement goals, determine which practices will have the greatest impact, and design learning experiences for educators that will grow their professional knowledge and skills to better serve their students.

Equitable community engagement—an ongoing, two-way process of building relationships, working collaboratively to support all students, and sharing power—can result in transformative benefits for schools and school districts. Students learn better when their families and local community organizations are engaged in their schools. Our coaches work with schools and districts to forge new and strengthen established connections with their communities. We help you develop strategies to include and engage historically marginalized stakeholders, to design and facilitate community meetings, and to share power. With the help of your community, you can realize the benefits of a public education for all students.​


In collaboration with your school or district, we work to build capacity and help educators address inequity and improved learning for all students. We utilize Global Best Practices, a research-based self-assessment tool, as a framework to inform school improvement strategies.


Our coaches are former teachers, principals, and district leaders with years of in-school experience. And we know how different every school and district can be. That is why we tailor our strategies to the needs of your unique school community—no matter where you are in the U.S. Our responsive, adaptable coaching model lends itself to both in-person and remote school coaching, which means we’re never far away.  

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Personalized, equitable, and student-centered education is too important to put aside; together, we can improve learning for all your students.

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