Great Schools Partnership

What We Do

The Great Schools Partnership provides a variety of services and technical assistance to districts, schools, organizations, and government agencies.

While maintaining fidelity to our vision, mission, and beliefs, we are continually refining and adapting our strategies—which are based on sound research, field experience, and the specialized needs of our schools and partners—to achieve measurable gains in student aspirations, achievement, and educational attainment.

Our theory of action is based on the premise that systemic change requires simultaneous changes in school and district practice; state and district policy; and building public will and support.

One of the primary services provided by the Great Schools Partnership is broadly known as school coaching. A school coach’s primary role is to keep a school community intensively focused on achieving its goals regardless of the obstacles that arise or the setbacks that occur. We understand that no single school-improvement model will be a perfect fit for every school, and that no two great schools need to look alike.

School Coaching Strategies

  • Evidence-based, goal-driven school improvement
  • Long-term strategic planning for schools and districts
  • Change leadership, shared leadership, and leadership-team development
  • Communications and messaging strategies for districts and schools
  • Professional learning community implementation and facilitator training
  • School- and teacher-driven professional development
  • Action-plan development, implementation, and evaluation
  • Classroom observation and instructional auditing
  • Policy auditing and development
  • Program auditing and resource alignment
  • School-performance analysis
  • Community- and parent-engagement strategies
  • School-board engagement and education
  • District consolidations and strategic planning
  • Tool and resource development

Instructional and Programmatic Expertise

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