Great Schools Partnership

Increasing the Racial, Ethnic, and Linguistic Diversity of the Educator Workforce

A growing body of educational research demonstrates the positive impacts of teachers of color on short- and long-term academic outcomes of all students. Learn how leaders in your state can diversify the educator workforce for the benefit of all.

years of teaching experience.
Our coaches are former teachers, principals, and district leaders with decades (and decades) of in-school experience.

Impact on Educators

Our work depends on honest, trusting, and collaborative relationships—an ethic best demonstrated by our partners in the field.

David Franceschina, Principal, Frederick (MD) High School
“I would say on the scale of ‘meet to exceeded,’ [our coach] has again exceeded our expectations.”
Denise Snyder, Assistant Superintendent, Lawrence (MA) Public Schools
"[Our coach] has been amazing...captivating and motivating and makes connections that leave lasting impressions. I believe he’s hitting a home run with this work."
Samantha Olson, Vice President of Strategy, Colorado Education Initiative
"[Our coach] always meets and surpasses our expectations. He is thoughtful, responsive, and masterful in his facilitation and relationships with multiple [district] leaders and in changing contexts."
William Harbron, Superintendent, Dover (NH) Public Schools
"[Our coaches] have been great blessings to the Dover School District. I believe they have had a significant impact on many educators in our schools."
José Bou, Equity, Family, & Community Partnerships Manager, Holyoke (MA) Public Schools
"I have to say that the support [our coach] and others [at GSP] have provided my department and the Holyoke Public Schools has been extraordinary, patient, and thorough."
Beth Cobb, Superintendent, Essex Westford (VT) School District
"[Our coach] has done great work at Essex High School and the relationships he has built with us and with our whole district have been valuable to us."
Laurie Regan, Assistant Superintendent, Attleboro (MA) Public Schools
"We are thrilled with [our coach] and her ability to initiate and motivate the team for our Portrait of a Graduate work."

Our Team

At Great Schools Partnership, we believe that passion and diversity are just as important as experience. We are a dedicated group of educators working to make change in schools across the U.S.