Reflection and Collaboration to Enhance Instructional Practice

While the end of the school year is in sight, there is still time to reach each of your students and ensure they all finish the year well. Which students are thriving? Which ones, despite your best efforts, are still struggling?  How might you use an extended block of time with colleagues from across the country to reflect on your practice in a way that allows you to hone in on specific elements that will help students reach their year-end goals? Using a self-assessment tool, participants will identify areas of focus to enhance their instructional practice. Through reflecting on elements of effective instruction, participants will consider ways that attention to these elements can help teachers reach all learners. Participants will leave with a set of strategies to enhance their own practice, strengthen work with their professional learning group, or design school-wide professional development.


Nicole Bradeen, senior associate | Great Schools Partnership

Jean Haeger, senior associate | Great Schools Partnership


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Elements of Effective Instruction
Elements of Effective Instruction: Self-Assessment
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