Proficiency-Based Learning Simplified: Supporting Students with Disabilities

Webinar Date: May 22, 2014

Presenters: Angela Hardy, director of coaching + Jon Ingram, senior associate + Shannon Shanning, Special Education Teacher, Bruce M. Whittier Middle School, Poland, ME

How can proficiency-based learning serve students with disabilities? When successfully designed and executed, a proficiency-based system can improve and accelerate learning for all students, clarify academic expectations, enable differentiated instruction, refocus teachers on the assessment of learning rather than compliance, and–above all–ensure equitable access to the curriculum and multiple opportunities for success. In a proficiency-based system, Individual Education Plans (IEPs) can not only address unique learning needs, but they can also scaffold the learning process and move students toward college readiness and postsecondary success.

In this webinar, the presenters will address the role of Individual Educations Plans in a proficiency-based system, including the development of appropriate accommodations to ensure that students with disabilities achieve proficiency.

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