The coronavirus won’t stop us from learning growing sharing

As the coordinators of the New England Secondary School Consortium and the annual School Redesign in Action conference, it broke our hearts to cancel our largest gathering of educators from around the U.S. due to the coronavirus.

However, we are here today to share some of what would have been at that conference. Our goals are simple. First, we want to announce and recognize the 2020 Championsa group of noteworthy individuals and organizations from around New England who have had profound impacts over the last year.

We also want to share some of the exciting information, learning, and tools our senior associates and school coaches would’ve shared at the conference in the form of presentations. Why are we providing these sessions in digital form? Because it is thus preserved, and accessible when you’re ready for it; times now are busy and stressful, so we wanted to provide a venue of learning that is and will continue to be available at your convenience.

Thank you to all who registered for the School Redesign in Action conference. We were sorry not to see you in person, but are excited to share our knowledge, our resources, and our passion for educational equity.

Hello. My name is David Ruff and I’m the executive director at the Great Schools Partnership. One of our roles is to coordinate the New England Secondary School Consortium. And I’m proud to announce our 2020 Champions. In this time of great difficulty, we could easily be recognizing a great number of teachers, students, and parents and guardians who have embarked on new learning journeys using a variety of digital means. The transformation in learning across our country has been profound. I’m inspired by the many, many learning stories we are hearing across New England. And know that we will not only continue this work, but figure out ways to thrive. This reality underscores the incredible work of the 2020 Champions.

2020 NESSC Champions

GSP Online Sessions from SRIA 2020

Below you will find blogs and tools from GSP presentations on data and equity, community engagement, the intersection between personalized- and proficiency-based learning, grading, and the inequities inherent in tracking our students. We know you’re all busy taking care of your students; that’s how it should be. This content will be here when you’re ready for it.