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Michelle Milstein

Senior Associate
Michelle Milstein is a senior associate with the Great Schools Partnership. She began her career as an English, ELL, and Spanish teacher. She has worked as a teacher, mentor, and administrator in multiple school systems across the country, including Hawaii, California, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. In Philadelphia, she co-designed the Language Arts curriculum for a new school and guided teachers as they implemented it in their first year. In Milwaukee, she served as Director of Curriculum and Instruction for a group of six schools. Michelle has also taught and mentored in several teacher-education programs. Her professional interests include the development of teacher expertise, equity-centered teaching, and the dimensions of student engagement and success. Michelle is fluent in Spanish and French. She earned a BA in Spanish from Carleton College, an MA in education from Stanford University, and a PhD in education from the University of Pennsylvania. Her dissertation focused on the development of teaching expertise. Michelle is an Intercultural Development Inventory Qualified Administrator. In this capacity, she has facilitated workshops and dialogues with a focus on intercultural competence.

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