The Great Schools Partnership develops a variety of tools and resources that help educators and policy makers improve public schools. We develop all our resources in collaboration with working educators, and we take pride in using their experiences, perspectives, and expertise to inform both the process and products. Designed to make the complex work or school improvement a little easier, our tools equip school leaders and educators with purposeful, field-tested, research-based guidance as they develop actions and strategies that meet the needs of their students, faculties, and communities.

In addition to the many custom products we develop for districts and schools throughout the United States, the Great Schools Partnership has also produced tools, resources, and professional-development programs for the U.S. Department of Education, the New England Secondary School Consortium, and multiple state agencies.

Our Resources

→ iWalkthrough is a suite of three data-driven online tools—Classroom Observation, Student Feedback, and Action Planning—that help educators improve their school and practices using evidence-based strategies.

The Glossary of Education Reform
→ The Glossary of Education Reform is a comprehensive online resource that describes widely used school-improvement terms, concepts, and strategies for journalists, parents, and community members.

Global Best Practices: An Internationally Benchmarked Self-Assessment Tool for Secondary Learning
Global Best Practices is a comprehensive self-assessment that distills research on the world’s highest performing school systems and makes it more accessible for today’s busy educators.

Leadership in Action
Leadership in Action is a series of briefings on some of the most important educational issues affecting today’s students, high schools, and communities.

Harnessing Teacher Knowledge: A Guide to Developing School-Based Systems for Professional Learning and Planning
Harnessing Teacher Knowledge is a suite of resources designed to help educational leaders and teachers develop a high-impact professional learning and planning program in their school.

Ninth Grade Counts: A Three-Part Guide to Strengthening the Transition into High School
Ninth Grade Counts helps school leaders and teachers identify weaknesses in their ninth-grade program and strengthen the transition into high school. Includes comprehensive sections on summer-bridge programs and support for English-language learners.

First Response: A Guide to Designing and Delivering Classroom Interventions
First Response helps school leaders, teachers, paraprofessionals, and support specialists design and deliver more effective interventions in the classroom.

Learning in Action: A Guide to Conducting High-Impact School Visits
Learning in Action is a step-by-step guide that helps both visiting and hosting schools prepare for a successful site visit, from the selection of appropriate schools to investigating the evidence of success to sharing and implementing lessons learned with colleagues.