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The Great Schools Partnership created our Framework for Proficiency-Based Learning to help schools develop efficient standards-based systems that will prepare all students for success in the colleges, careers, and communities of the 21st century. For this reason, our model is focused on prioritizing and assessing the most vitally important knowledge and skills, while also balancing these high academic expectations with the need for flexibility, responsiveness, and creativity in the classroom.

Throughout this website, school leaders and teachers will find detailed guidance on developing a proficiency-based system. We have strived to keep our guidance concise and practical, focusing only on the most essential policies, processes, and practices. In addition, we see our model as an iterative process, and we intend to revise, improve, and expand our resources over time

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About Proficiency-Based Learning
Our Framework for Proficiency-Based Learning provides a foundational structure that will help schools prioritize learning goals and build a more coherent academic program. The two documents in this section illustrate how this model works in practice.

State + Local Policies
In this section, school leaders will find a variety of exemplar district policies that can be adapted to suit local needs and contexts. The Great Schools Partnership encourages state agencies, nonprofit organizations, districts, and schools to use or revise our policies for noncommercial purposes in the public interest.

State + Local Competencies
In this section, school leaders and teachers will find detailed guidance on developing a practical and prioritized system of learning competencies.

Assessment + Verification
In this section, district and school leaders will find guidance on what to assess, how to assess it, and how to verify and report student proficiency in relation to competencies.

Grading and Reporting for Educational Equity
This guide is intended to highlight the central practices that schools can use to ensure that their grading and reporting systems help them build a nurturing, equitable, creative, and dynamic culture of learning. View the guide here

Transferable Skills 

Communication, Problem Solving, Informed Thinking, Self Direction, and Collaboration, are essential skills that students should practice across content areas and will need in any form of postgraduate training, study, or career. For more information, including resources and how to get involved, visit this page

Research Evidence

In this section, we provide a selection of statements and references that support the foundational features and practices of proficiency-based learning systems.

Understanding Competencies
On this page we have comprised a selection of entries from our Glossary of Education Reform in order to provide a comprehensive introduction to learning competencies and how they work in our education system.

College Admissions

On this page, students, parents, teachers, community members, and school leaders will find statements and letters from a range of public and private institutions of higher education from across New England stating—unequivocally—that students with proficiency-based grades and transcripts will not be disadvantaged in any way during the college admissions process.

Planning for Proficiency: A Guide for Maine School Leaders

This Guide was developed to offer strategies and activities to successfully complete the essential steps in planning and implementing a proficiency-based learning system in your high school. The Guide, a series of info briefs, outlines key issues and strategies for successful implementation.

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