Transferable Skills


Transferable Skills Assessment System Project

Great Schools Partnership, in collaboration with EdTechTeam, Inc. is working to build an online system to support the design, implementation and scoring of performance assessment tasks that measure the Transferable Skills. This project aims to build an online system that will bring transferable skills to the center of teaching & learning.  These skills, which include Communication, Problem Solving, Informed Thinking, Self Direction, and Collaboration, are essential life skills that students should practice across content areas and will need in any form of postgraduate training, study or career. We are searching for creative and inspiring educators to help design a system which will change how teachers teach and assess transferable skills.

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Project Information

Please note that the sample tasks linked for Communication and Problem Solving were developed to align to the Vermont Transferrable Skills.  The tasks note alignment to those specific performance indicators.  If you plan to use those tasks as is for this project, the alignment to indicators will need slight adjustment to correlate with the Transferrable Skills and Scoring Criteria used here.