District and School Policy Checklist

Implementing Proficiency-Based Systems and Graduation Requirements

During the transition to a proficiency-based system of teaching and learning, districts and schools will need to review and possibly revise existing policies, while also creating new policies that address emerging models, practices, and learning experiences.

The following checklist is intended for use by district and school leaders looking to review, revise, and develop policies for guiding the implementation of proficiency-based learning. The checklist provides a recommended order of priority, with the high-priority policies appearing at the top. Note that additional policies may need to be revised or created by districts and schools transitioning to proficiency-based learning.

  1. Graduation Requirements (Policy File IKF)
  2. Multiple Pathways (Policy File IKFF)
  3. Academic Recognition: Latin Honors and Grade Point Averages (Policy File IKD)
  4. Transcripts (Policy File IKC)
  5. Grading and Reporting System (Policy File IKA)
  6. Dual Enrollment and Early College (Policy File IHCDA)
  7. Assessment of Student Learning (Policy File ILA)
  8. Promotion, Retention, and Acceleration (Policy File IKE)
  9. Demonstrations of Learning, Exhibitions, and Capstone Projects (Policy File ILA)
  10. Academic Interventions (Policy File JCDL)
  11. Personal Learning Plans (Policy File ILAPL)
  12. Portfolios (Policy Files ILA and ILAPL)
  13. Attendance (Policy File JEA)
  14. Academic Eligibility: Athletics and Co-Curricular Activities (Policy File JJIC)

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