District Policy Exemplar: Academic Recognition

During the transition to a proficiency-based system of teaching and learning, districts and schools will need to review and possibly revise existing policies, while also creating new policies that address emerging models, practices, and learning experiences.

The following district policy exemplar on academic recognition can be adapted to suit local needs and contexts. The Great Schools Partnership encourages state agencies, nonprofit organizations, districts, and schools to use or revise our policies for noncommercial purposes in the public interest.

Policy: IKD

Western Mountains Regional School Unit No. 99

Academic Recognition: Latin Honors and Grade Point Averages

To recognize high academic achievement as determined by students demonstrating proficiency in the school’s cross-curricular and content-area graduation competencies, East High School uses a system of Latin honors and proficiency-based Grade Point Averages to award academic recognition and distinction. Using a system familiar to prospective colleges and universities, East High School does not rank order students based on relative performance, but awards Latin honors based on individual achievement as measured against consistently applied learning expectations.

A. Latin Honors
The categories of academic distinction are as follows:
Summa Cum Laude (with highest honors)
Magna Cum Laude (with great honors)
Cum Laude (with honors)

B. Grade Point Averages
East High School will employ a consistent system of grading, scoring, and aggregating proficiency that will produce a rolling and cumulative Grade Point Average for each student. The Grade Point Average will be reported on the official East High School transcript and will be used to determine Latin honors in accordance with the following categories:
Summa Cum Laude: a minimum GPA of 3.9
Magna Cum Laude: a minimum GPA of 3.7
Cum Laude: a minimum GPA of 3.5

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IKA: Grading and Reporting System
IKC: Transcripts

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