Racial Affinity Groups: Guide for Facilitators

This resource is intended to support facilitators and coordinators of racial affinity groups. Racial affinity groups are retention tools which are specifically designed to provide support for educators of color and help them remain in the profession.

Key Components of a Racial Affinity Group

A racial affinity group is a group that is organized and designed to support educators of color, to help them find connection, support, and inspiration. Racial affinity group facilitators need to be skilled in creating safe, structured spaces for professional connection and conversation. The goal of the facilitator is to provide enough structure that members feel safe and the conversation is generative and meaningful, while also keeping things fun and welcoming.

Guidelines for Facilitators of Racial Affinity Groups
Example Activities

It is best for racial affinity group facilitators to craft a simple or loose agenda for each meeting, with at least one or two activities identified. A typical agenda might include a simple icebreaker, an opportunity to share food and conversation, and an opportunity for discussion of a text, a piece of work shared by a teacher, a video, a success or challenge, or other items of interest. The following activities can help facilitators craft supportive and meaningful gatherings. Racial affinity group meetings should be scheduled for at least an hour in order to make time for the essential components.




How Can We Help Your Racial Affinity Groups Succeed?

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