Great Schools Partnership

Supporting, Collecting, and Analyzing Evidence of Learning in a Proficiency-Based System


NESSC High School Redesign in Action Conference
Session Five: Friday, March 18th, 1:15 pm

As schools move to implement personalized learning and support a greater number of pathways where students are able to demonstrate their learning in more varied and individualized ways, the role of assessment becomes increasingly paramount. How can we ensure that while we personalize learning, we continue to define consistent and equitable standards for all students? In this session, coaches from the Great Schools Partnership will share strategies and resources educators can use to create an approach that considers the central role of evidence of learning and how we can use task-neutral scoring criteria to assess what students know and can do while engaged in different learning experiences.


Kate Gardoqui, Senior Associate | 207.773.0505 |
Don Weafer, Senior Associate | 207.773.0505 |

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