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Assessing Learning in a Proficiency-Based System

NESSC High School Redesign in Action Conference
Pre-conference: Thursday, March 17th, 9:00 am

As educators have begun to implement proficiency-based learning systems, they have realized the need to develop assessments that accurately measure student learning, promote personalization, and deliver trustworthy data. This session clarify the critical elements of assessment design while also providing participants opportunities to apply their learning through a series of protocols, reflection, and design. We will illustrate how this model can be applied to different content areas and tasks.  Building upon the design parameters and process for assessments, we will also introduce a process that will enable teachers to calibrate scoring, refine tasks and collectively reflect on the results to support consistent feedback to students and the creation of opportunities for deeper learning.

Group 1 Presenters

Andi Summer, Senior Associate | 207.773.0505 |
Ken Templeton, Senior Associate | 207.773.0505 |

Group 2 Presenters

Jon Ingram, Senior Associate | 207.773.0505 |
Mark Kostin, Associate Director | 207.773.0505 |

Session Materials, Group 1 + 2

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